The brand "AMKAR" is a different vehicles produced of LLC "Automaster". The vehicles we do with great dedication, putting our soul into it ... That's why with proper care our cars and trailers work for many years, and the circle of regular customers only grows.

AMKAR is a quality. We are not perfect, but we are striving for this. All our vehicles meets international quality standards, we are constantly improving and listening to the opinion of customers.

AMKAR is a modernity. It's a long time ago when the commercial transport was just a "workhorse". Convenience in maintenance and actual design is a necessary attribute of modern technology.

AMKAR is a flexibility. Due to its flexibility, our production has the ability to make the vehicle to the specific requirements of the customer.

AMKAR is an affordable prices. LLC "Automaster" is one of the few enterprises in Russia that promotes high-quality products to the market at the lowest possible price.

AMKAR is a universality. Most of our vehicle can be used in various sectors of the economy. Installing additional options is another advantage.

AMKAR is the LLC "Automaster". LLC "Automaster" is the AMKAR.

Together - we are force!